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Jane Grossman, the founder of A Sustainable Way, has been helping organizations and work teams to achieve elevated levels of performance, impressive business results and greatly improved personal satisfaction for over 20 years.

A newly merged 3000 person global Bio-Pharma IT department needed to align processes and address cultural differences. We designed & facilitated a Personal Accountability training initiative to take place over 2 years. The workshops are now being facilitated by internal staff and are still making a big impact 7 years later.

A U.S. Based customer care center for a global Electronics Company was on the verge of being outsourced to India; after working with the senior leadership team and all 300 care center reps, the care center received its highest customer satisfaction scores ever. It’s still thriving here in the U.S.

A re-orged IT group was failing in its mission to improve project execution; team members were siloed, unsupportive and second-guessing the re-org. Within 6 months of our team re-boot, team members are now serving their customers more holistically and effectively, priorities are getting done on time, on budget, trust has gone up 48%, meeting effectiveness is up 45%, and team members’ ability to challenge each other in a supportive manner went up 42%. Team members now say this is the best team they’ve ever been part of.

A 12 person sales team went from last to first place in sales in their region and is fast becoming one of the best sales teams for the entire company.

Recent clients: UC San Francisco, Roche / Genentech, Microsoft, The US Forest Service, REI, UC Riverside, Agilent, AmeriCorps, & Pixar.

Prior to my OD work, I had leadership roles in government and non-profit agencies developing and managing groundbreaking environmental programs.

Specialties: Organizational Diagnosis, Strategic Alignment, Accountability, Leadership Training, MBTI, Group Facilitation, Managing Transitions, Powerful Non-Defensive Communications.

Jane Grossman


email: janeg @ asustainableway dot com

land/fax: 775.849.9755

mobile: 775.842.0620

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